At An Italian Affair we offer classes for the following levels:

Absolute Beginner (Beginner)
Beginners (Beginner – Post beginner-Advanced Beginner)
Intermediate (Lower Intermediate-High intermediate)
Advanced (Lower advanced – Advanced)

Within each level, we offer a number of courses. The aim of the courses is to equip students with the fundamentals of the Italian language within the context of every day practical, real-life situations. Whist the focus is learning how to communicate effectively in Italian, all aspects of Italian grammar are taught but in the context of every day practical conversation and usage through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Not sure which level? Determine your Italian language proficiency level here or contact Antonella on 0416153632.


This course is for those planning a trip to Italy and need the basics “survival” language to enable you to converse in a number of everyday situations whilst in Italy.

This is offered as a 10-week course ($375). However, from time to time a 5 week crash course will be offered. The text book for this course is  “Io e L’Italiano”.

“Io e l’Italiano” is a conversation course ideally suited for travelers or for first time language learners. You will learn basic “survival” language to enable you to converse in a number of everyday situations whilst in Italy. Upon completion of this course you can progress to the other Beginner levels courses.


“Nuovo Progetto Italiano” and “Progetto Italiano” are a multimedia language and civilization courses that combine a variety of activities for students with easy to follow grammar tables, modern illustrations and authentic Italian material. The method is communicative and the units are organized by themes of daily life. The aim of the course is to provide learners with all aspects of Italian grammar but in the context of everyday practical conversation and use. These lively full immersion classes are designed for students who are at a level of proficiency of at least A2.  These courses prepare students for the examinations from both the Perugia (CELI) and from the University of Siena (CILS) examinations in language proficiency.

“Parliamone insieme” is a structured course, which aims to further develop proficiency in Italian. The strong focus is on conversation and Italian grammar will be revised in accordance with student needs. The course follows a thematic approach and the many topics of discussion will include cultural topics and current affairs. Students will also be encourages to read and discuss novels. This course is suited for those who are at a B2 level.

The CELI examination is one of the most widely recognised certificates in language competency for learners of Italian.
It is issued by the University of Foreigners of Perugia and it is recognised by the Italian Department of Education and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Employers, universities and government organizations throughout the world recognize the CELI certificates.

The founder and director of An Italian Affair, Antonella Nichinonni is an accredited examiner for the CELI examinations and offers Preparatory sessions for these examinations.

These courses are designed to provide students with valuable tools to successfully complete the CELI examination.

The courses consist of 10 weeks at 2 hours per session $350. Casual attendance is $45 per session. For any queries please call Antonella on 0416153632.

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VCE preparation for Year 11 and 12 would have a strong emphasis on the new Language Study Design of VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority).  While conversation in Italian would be the main tool used during the course, the topics would be related to the common areas of study for Unit 1 and 2 for Year 11 and unit 3 and 4  for Year 12. Furthermore great importance would be given to the detailed study of each student.

Through a full immersion in the Target Language, students would also learn relaxation techniques for stress management.