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    Why are your tours different? What are the itineraries like?

    An Italian Affair specializes in the preparation and hosting of “unique” experiences, the sort money cannot buy and that only genuine local people who are passionate about their home and who are connected to it can deliver. Each tour activity has been especially created and studied to ensure it offers just this. The itinerary of each tour is prepared to make sure you will experience the best of Umbria from the history to the culture to the cuisine.

    It ensures you have the opportunity to connect with the region and its people. All the meals have been carefully selected and follow the slow food concept. The timing of the each tour itinerary is planned to take maximum advantage of the regional “food” and “cultural” festivals as well international festivals held in Umbria such as Festival dei Due Mondi of Spoleto and the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia.

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    How many people are there on each tour?

    Antonella personally hosts all her tours. She feels a strong necessity to respect the generosity of her hosts, family and friends and wishes that her activities will have only the lightest touch on their way of life. As such these tours are by necessity very small in scale and frequency and available only to a select cliental. Up to 10 participants with allowances made for private group bookings.

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    Do I have to speak Italian?

    No and it is not a problem if you don’t. All of our tours are prepared and hosted by Antonella who is from Umbria. She is a native speaker as well as a qualified language teacher. She founded and now jointly runs an Italian Language school called Forum Italiano. If you live locally and are interested you may attend some of her Language classes prior to going.

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    Do I have to do the Italian Language classes on the tour?

    These are optional but we are sure you will want to do them. They are a way to help you connect with the locals and with Umbria. They are structured but are held in a relaxed environment. Whether they are held outdoors; by the pool; under the shady trees at the accommodation, at the local food market; at the bar or at the local piazza, they are not conventional and “school like”.

    They are designed to make sure you achieve maximum learning outcomes while you engage in day-to-day life and in conversation with the locals. Professional and qualified local teachers run the classes and they are tailored to your level.

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    What are the accommodations like?

    Antonella has personally selected the accommodation to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation. The accommodations offer some of the best views and authentic settings and the hosts are truly passionate about their “Umbria” and are excited to share it with you. In Spoleto we stay in a prestigious Farm Resort belonging to the Genga Family for over 500 years. A piece of “heaven” overlooking the majestic Spoleto Valley . High end and yet so authentic

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    How much does each tour cost?

    The prices for each tour are advertised and where possible a single room extra subsidy is available. The tour price is in Australian dollars however you can convert the amount by consulting a currency converter.

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    What does the price include?

    All that is listed in each tour brochure.

    For the full duration of the tour :13 breakfasts, 13 dinners, and 7 lunches with wine are included. All land travel and all listed activities. Air travel, personal insurance, entry to museums and additional activities are at your expense. All you will need to take with you for the 13 days is enough spending money for “shopping” and extra spending. We want to ensure that your holiday is stress free and as such we have included in the price as many of the day-to-day expenses as possible.

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    What is the average age of the attendants ?

    An Italian Affair usually has a range of guests joining from couples to singles from 20’s to 75 years old however the average age is somewhere in between 35 – 60.

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    Do I need personal travel Insurance?

    Yes this is important and Eurovillas offers special rates to all tour participants.

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    Do the itineraries include cooking courses?

    Definitely these are an integral part of the tour. They are important as they are designed to allow you to discover and connect with Umbria. They are especially selected to ensure you learn how to reproduce authentic tasty Umbrian dishes. Depending on the tour, the classes are with local “casalinghe” (house wives), with the local fishermen, with slow food enthusiasts and with well known renowned chefs.

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    Do I need to be an expert cook ?

    No. Just a lover of food, wine and good company. Also, you must be prepared to have lots of fun

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    Are all the activities listed on the tour brochure compulsory?

    Not at all, however, each activity has been designed to create an opportunity to explore and experience Umbria as never before. So your attendance to all will ensure maximum outcomes however please feel free to take time out if need be. We can also suggest other activities but these will be in addition to the tour price.

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    How do I arrange my travel before and after the tour?

    The July tour “The two festivals” starts in Spoleto on the 2nd of July and it ends in Citta` di Castello on the 15th of July. Antonella will pick you up from the Stazione di Spoleto ( Spoleto Railway station) on the 2nd of July.

    The August –September tour “ La mia Umbria con Antonella” starts at the railway station of Arezzo on the 25th of August and finished in Spoleto on the 7th of September.
    Usually we help with travel arrangements from Rome to Spoleto and to Arezzo (depending on the tour). However and irrespective of where you will be coming from, we can help you with all the before and all the after transfers, accommodation and itineraries. Just contact us.

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    Is An Italian Affair a Travel agent?

    No we are not however we work with a local travel Agency EUROVILLAS who can make all travel arrangements for you regardless of where you live.

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    So, how do I make a booking?

    All you need to do is go to our TOUR INQUIRY section and forward us and email, which we will reply right away.