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At An Italian Affair we offer bespoke Umbrian travel experiences. Our journeys are transformative as we walk in the footsteps of saints and legends, men and women both great and humble in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

Antonella, your host has a deep connection to the peoples and traditions of her homeland Umbria. She has created a pathway between the worlds we live in and the magical world and people of Umbria. In this region many aspects of life have remained essentially unchanged for generations.

Far from the ordinary, we take you by the hand to experience the best, small scale & most authentic of Umbria. Visiting with her family, local characters and friends opens a window to a world of unique and non-commercial experiences.

At An Italian Affair what we ask of you is to participate honestly, to truly express yourself. We put aside our schedules, commitments & emails for two weeks in order to connect with people who want to share their lives with us.

Our tours are for singles and couples. Whilst we schedule two specific itineraries annually we can also tailor our offerings to suit the specific requirements of large family groups, groups of families traveling together or corporate groups seeking an incentive travel experience for their employees….

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Learn To Speak Italian

An Italian Affair is a boutique language school located in the heart of Brighton and is dedicated to fostering a passion for and love of Italian language and culture. Our courses are for adults, business travelers or holidaymakers.

We are committed to achieve excellence in the delivery of our courses and therefore only qualified, experienced and native teachers are employed. Read More and Enrol today


Dearest Antonella, I have just uploaded our photos from our trip and they remind us what a wonderful experience we have just enjoyed. It was as you promised a ‘unique travel experience’, ever…
Dearest Antonella

In Praise of Beautiful Umbria

This time last year my husband Warwick and I started an extraordinary tour in Umbria, Italy.

The tour is organised each year by Antonella Nichinonni, originally from Spoleto, but now living in Melbourne with her Australian pilot husband, Robert Alder, who is from Perth.

Each year Antonella takes a small group of Australians (five to twelve people) with her to visit her home province of Umbria. Our group was seven people – four from Perth and three from Melbourne.

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Perched up on a hill top just off the old Flaminia Way is my “home” Casigliano di Strettura. It is a very small hamlet where time seems to have stopped and where today the locals still celebrate the FESTA DI SAN MARCO. The village’s tiny church of San Marco is prepared for the day, biscuits “biscotti di San Marco” are baked to be blessed and shared by everyone . For locals it is an occasion to come together as a community and to pray to the Saint for a bountiful harvest. Oh boy how I remember this special day!!

Grazie mille zio Maurizio e ciao a tutti a Casigliano