A marvelous time

We have just arrived back in Melbourne – full of marvelous memories or our trip in Umbria with you.   We are not the type to go on tours usually, fearing the stereotype of turning into tourist sheep. And we had been to Umbria before   –   BUT we have never really understood or appreciated it beyond a superficial level.

The tour was go, go, go, cramming so much into the two weeks. However, it was beautifully orchestrated and well balanced, making it extremely exciting to get up every morning ready for a new activity and experience. And we NEVER felt like the ‘proverbial tourist’!

We have had the most splendid and varied and sometimes quite out of our comfort zone experiences [which I thank you for – as I would never have imagined that I would have had fun riding a donkey or getting my hands nice and sticky helping to make cheese –   but I did immensely – it was one of those ‘if I don’t do it now I never will’ moments. Not to mention, in random order: the Spoleto Festival ballet, Italian lessons, the myth of the Sibillines, a cooking lesson, the Jazz Festival in Peruga, meeting a renowned winemaker, picnicking ‘en pleine aire’ in the vineyard, hunting for tartufi, making strangozzi and then eating it, the poolside party, the food, aah the food!!!

Grazie Antonella for giving us this personal insight into another world where we were able to meet not only real Umbrians: writers, artists, photographers, chefs, business people and but also your very own dear friends and family.   What you have given us was the ability to swap our lives for the interim and experience the real Umbria – the experiences were doubly intensified by the obvious passion you have for your homeland.

You were our guide, our mentor, our teacher and our friend our magician who lead us through through an invisible doorway to view the life, history, customs and culture of Umbria at a profound level.

Gracie mille for allowing us to share your life, your world, your Umbria!

Baci baci,


Lee and Ron

Lee and Ron