Thank you for your thoughtfulness

Dear Antonella,

What a pleasure to receive your email. After all you only had 101 other issues needing your attention before your departure next week. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. At this stage coffee in Brighton with Luisa and me does not look likely, due to class commitments, and also it is assumed the amount of time you can spend “playing ladies” in your final week in Melbourne must be limited.

Rosie told us she was joining you in September, and Luisa and I greeted her news with a mix of joy for her, and envy, like kids who hadn’t already had their treats. What you created for us has given us such an appetite for more – although I’m well aware that our mix was perfect (having a room mate whose smile and temperament lights up any space she enters)Incidentally, for me, your programme was ideal. It didn’t feel necessary to have ‘free’ time. One can sleep back in grey wet Melbourne. The magic exists for two weeks only.

Hope you and your family – and the extended Italian one- stay well.

Fondest regards,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness