Dearest Antonella, Just a few words to say “grazie mille” for the wonderful time spent together, in Umbria. The tour was exceptional and I again enjoyed it immensely. Your friendship is so special and I thank you for being a friend.

Lots of love Patricia.

Tanti ringraziamenti per il viaggio, per me era un’esperienza piena di memorie che non dimentichero`. Anche apprezzo che sempre mi inconraggi, un segno dell’insegnante migliore. Grazie mille, a presto, Lynette(Many thanks for the trip which was for me full of experiences I will never forget. I also appreciate your constant encouragement this being a sign of what a great teacher you are.

Many thanks, see you soon, love Lynette.

Dear Antonella, thank you for the most wonderful trip to Umbria. Lots of love Catherine.

Catherine (from Sydney )

Grazie mille per tutto. Questa esperienza viene una volta nella vita. Mi sono divertita ogni giorno di nostro viaggio. Baci Lorraine, Erin and Alessandra.

(Thank you so much for everything. This is a once in a lifetime experience. I enjoyed every single day of our journey. Kisses Lorraine….).


Con questo piccolo regalo ti vogliamo ringraziare per il tuo tempo assolutamente maraviglioso con te, e il gruppo nel tuo paese di Umbria Era un esperienza indimenticabile! Grazie mille Antonella. (with this small gift we would like to thank you for the absolutely wonderful time in your Umbria. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much Antonella).

Annamarie and William

For those who are thinking of taking a trip to Umbria with Antonella but have reservations….don’t.

My name is May and I am a first year student with Forum Italiano. In August 2011, I travelled to Umbria with a group of fellow students organised by “An Italian Affair” with Antonella.

Antonella’s in -depth knowledge of Umbria and her passion for the place, people, culture, history was so evident in everything she does. I have learnt so much from just the 2 weeks, exploring Umbria and seeing it through her eyes.

Antonella and her team in Umbria worked tirelessly and seamlessly to ensure that the trip ran smoothly and everyone was so happy al all times- this, in my opinion (secondo me!) was a great achievement and she/her team ought to be congratulated.

Food…chi mangerebbe altro! (not another one)…forget about diet. The food in Umbria was incredibly good. The visit to the Mozzarella di Bufala farm was an experience not to be missed! Dinners and cooking classes were all very well chosen and the guests invited to join the group were interesting and gave us (students) the opportunity to learn , to practice and to listen to the beautiful Italian Language. For me, this was the highlight!

Tours…mamma mia! Well balanced given the tight schedule. I am absolutely in love with some of the ancient country towns in Umbria not to mention we managed to do some serious shopping and pick up some great bargains. I even bought a supply of truffles and porcini mushrooms back to Australia!

Accommodation… I love it! We stayed the first week in a farm-house, the place oozes with charm of the countryside we see often in photos and postcards. Patricia, the owner and her husband “George Clooney” were fun to be with and they welcomed you into their family as one of their own(…not to mention that Patricia has a good in house cook that makes delicious soup, antipasto, stews…and more). The second week, we stayed at an agriturismo resort-totally different to the farmhouse but what a great way to finish off the trip. The place was relaxing, spacious with lots of trees(yes fig trees bearing fruits!)and big open rooms where you could lounge in anytime of the day or night.

Classes… for those who are like me, well…my “classroom” started the day I arrived. I was immersed in the language, the culture, the people and the Italian cuisine daily. Whist only a student of 18 months. I found myself being understood and I was able to hold a conversation for 2 hours in a vintage car with the driver talking about everything under the sun. Was I proud-you bet!

So, if you are unsure about joining the tour…don’t be…I am going again in July!!